Special Counsel Robert Mueller Had Been On White House Shortlist To Run FBI

The Trump White House had been considering Robert Mueller to lead the FBI. Then, the Justice Department moved in and asked him to serve as special counsel in its Russia investigation.

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Jacksonville Jaguars coach Doug Marrone says he likes to ‘run the ball every play’

If you had doubts about rookie Leonard Fournette’s workload for the Jacksonville Jaguars this season, fear not. Coach Doug Marrone revealed his plans Friday.

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Mississippi 12-year-old delivers her own baby brother

The girl was upset when she couldn’t see anything – so the doctor handed her a medical gown.

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A Man With A Bucket On His Head Ran To Unseat Theresa May. Why? Well …

Tough to say, really. But Lord Buckethead was clear on his platform: nationalize Adele and buy his lasers. Still, he got fewer votes in the U.K. election than a man in a fish-stick costume.

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Terrifying And Ambiguous, ‘It Comes At Night’ Sculpts A Tale Of Apocalyptic Tensions

Horror movies are often bathed in red. Blood oozes from the Overlook Hotel?s elevator in ?The Shining.? A crimson-cloaked figure stalks the central family in ?Don?t Look Now.? Freddy Krueger?s ?Nightmare on Elm Street? sweater matches the tint of his victims? gore. The sludge pits in ?The Descent? are speckled with a foreboding scarlet. 

?It Comes at Night,? opening in theaters this weekend, brandishes a red door at the end of a slender hallway. The only portal leading in and out of an isolated home in the woods, it provides security and alarm. Open it at the wrong moment, and whatever apocalyptic sickness that?s seized the world could seep in. Keep it closed, and resources will run out. 

Equal parts family drama and end-times horror feast, Trey Edward Shults? first film with professional actors ? following last year?s superb micro-budget psychodrama ?Krisha,? which starred the 28-year-old director?s relatives ? is a boiling, 91-minute labyrinth that grows more ominous by the minute. Fuse the simmering paranoia of ?The Witch,? the post-apocalyptic dread of ?Night of the Living Dead? and the domestic tension of ?The Others,? and you?ll get ?It Comes at Night.?

?I actually didn?t read it as a horror at all,? Christopher Abbott told HuffPost at the movie?s junket earlier this week. ?When I read it, I though it was a heavy family drama with some creepy moments.?

Abbott and Riley Keough play a desperate couple seeking shelter after their truck breaks down. Fleeing an epidemic that?s never detailed, they land at a home sporting boarded windows and a skeptical family that doesn?t leave once the sun sets. The latter clan ? played by Joel Edgerton, Carmen Ejogo and standout newcomer Kelvin Harrison Jr. ? are the narrative?s spine. They don?t know exactly what?s happened to the world, but they?ve entered full-blown panic mode. Their house, their rules. No one exits alone, the red door remains locked, gas masks are mandatory whenever potential threats loom. There?s always something lurking beyond that door, at least in their minds.

?Who told him to put a gas mask on? No one,? Harrison said, referring to Edgerton?s patriarch, Paul, who is hell-bent on protecting his wife and 17-year-old son. ?They decided that on their own, and that?s what?s kind of messed up about it. Is anyone actually sick??

Characters break these rules as often as they keep them. What resonates is not the apocalyptic trivia ? it?s how everyone deals with it. Delusions. Hallucinations. Knee-jerk reactions.

Like the best ambiguous horror tales, ?It Comes at Night? conceals enough information to send its audiences down similar paranoia spirals. Paul agrees to house this rogue family, but are they trustworthy? Will teenage Travis? voyeuristic interest in the couple align with his burgeoning, inhibited sexuality? Will whatever vague peril haunting the forest that surrounds the house infiltrate the families? newfound shared domesticity? 

The script, written at the start of 2014, ?spewed out of? Shults after his semi-estranged father died. Through this story of two clans processing their hysteria, Shults processed his grief. A cinephile completing a two-picture deal with trendy indie studio A24, Shults channeled some of his favorite movies ? ?There Will Be Blood,? ?A Woman Under the Influence,? ?The Shining,? David Lynch?s catalog ? in developing the stylistic menace suffused throughout ?It Comes at Night,? shot in upstate New York. He knows some viewers will be frustrated by the lack of finite information about the disease that may have seized civilization, but he hopes the film will play like the aforementioned gems: richer, deeper and more meaningful upon second and third encounters. In the meantime, horror stalwarts will be treated to a production that expands the genre?s finest tropes into a coming-of-age trance built on nightmares, yearning and that sinister red door.

?I love movies that have an openness, movies that don?t sum up everything for me,? Shults said. ?[With time], I see different things about them or I interpret them in a different way. That?s my jam. I think this movie is intentionally designed that way. There?s some tough subject matter in it.?

?It Comes at Night? is now in theaters.

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Friday’s Morning Email: What’s Next For Theresa May Following Stunning UK Election Upset


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WHAT?S NEXT FOR UK PRIME MINISTER THERESA MAY FOLLOWING DISASTROUS ELECTION UPSET May?s calls for a snap election have backfired, with her party losing its parliamentary majority. Here?s what you need to know about a hung Parliament, and what?s next for the British political system and its prime minister. Though May has indicated she does not plan to resign, she may need to take a softer stance on Brexit to keep her leadership position. And follow along for more live updates here. [HuffPost]

WHAT YOU MISSED IN COMEY?S TESTIMONY, PLUS TRUMP?S TWEET ON THE PROCEEDINGS Here?s a rundown of the important pieces of former FBI Director James Comey?s testimony, from his allegations that the White House lied and defamed him and the FBI to whether the special investigation is looking into the obstruction of justice. Take a look at all the photos from the hearing, as well as what President Donald Trump?s lawyer had to say in response. Here?s why Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be concerned after Thursday. And Trump couldn?t resist tweeting about the testimony this morning. [HuffPost]

REALITY WINNER: LEAKER OR WHISTLEBLOWER? The difference entails quite a bit of jail time. And while prosecutors are accusing her of saying she wanted to ?burn the White House down,? her parents arestanding behind her. [HuffPost]

JAPAN?S PARLIAMENT PASSED A LAW TO ALLOW ITS EMPEROR TO ABDICATE Which will likely take place at the end of 2018. [Reuters]


SYRIAN FORCES EMPLOY DRONE FOR THE FIRST TIME ?An American pilot shot down an armed drone that attacked U.S.-backed forces in southern Syria on Thursday in an escalating confrontation with President Bashar al-Assad and his allies, military officials said.? [WSJ | Paywall]


TAYLOR SWIFT JUST DEMOLISHED KATY PERRY IN THEIR FEUD By dropping her entire catalogue on streaming services today, which is the same day Katy Perry?s new album debuted. Swish, swish indeed. [HuffPost]

RUSSIAN MALWARE OPERATION WAS USING BRITNEY SPEARS? INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT AS A FRONT ?A gang of Russian hackers notorious for spying on foreign governments, diplomats and military facilities has come up with a clever back-door Trojan marriage between their operation and social media ? most notably Spears? Instagram, according to Slovakian cyber-security firm ESET, which discovered the ruse.? [HuffPost]

THE BATTLE FOR THE COUNTRY?S NATIONAL MONUMENTS ?Twenty-seven national monuments designated or expanded since 1996, spanning more than 11 million acres of land and about 760 million acres of ocean, are threatened by a pair of executive orders signed by Trump in April.? [HuffPost]

KRISTEN BELL?S CAR SAFETY HACK Is a parenting tip for the ages. [HuffPost]


THIS GUY PLAYED BARNEY FOR 10 YEARS And has some secrets to tell about his time inside the purple suit. [HuffPost]


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What now for your finances?

What a hung Parliament means for your finances.

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Europe Edition: Britain, James Comey, Iran: Your Friday Briefing

Here?s what you need to know to start your day.

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Election results 2017: Labour ‘could form government’ says Thornberry

Shadow foreign secretary says Labour could call on other parties to back a programme for government.

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Stephen King Confirms It’s Trump, Not Comey, Who’s A ‘Nut Job’

Since last year?s presidential election, a handful of popular writers ? J.K. Rowling, Margaret Atwood and Stephen King among them ? have used their position to criticize the new administration. 

King once again shared his thoughts on President Donald Trump, during former FBI Director James Comey?s testimony Thursday.

?After listening to Comey today and Trump for last 4 and a half months, I have a clear opinion on which one is the actual ?nut job,?? he declared.

Aside from occasional posts propping up TV shows and books that he recommends, or cataloging the doings of his pet dog Molly, King has devoted most of his recent social media activity to political comments.

?No wonder Trump?s always babbling about fake news,? King tweeted last week. ?He is a fake president.?

King?s outspokenness hasn?t been restricted to social media; last summer, he was among over 400 authors who signed a petition against Donald Trump, writing, ?as writers, we are particularly aware of the many ways that language can be abused in the name of power.? 

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